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 "To bring the healing power of mindfulness to pediatric patients and their families, Jeff  has founded Mindful Presents, an organization that provides health-enhancing support, aid, and therapies for stressed families.


As a pioneer in the field of epigenetics, I applaud and honor the profoundly important contribution Jeff Granville has provided in enhancing pediatric care in specific, and medicine in general. Mindful Presents is a valuable resource that can engage self-healing and the opportunity to reclaim sovereignty over our health and our lives."


- Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D

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Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D, stem cell biologist and pioneer in epigenetic science, is an internationally recognized leader in the “new” biology bridging the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity.

He is the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect, and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution. 

We're thrilled that Mindful Presents has connected with and been endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton!

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"I have had the honor and privilege of not only meeting Jeff Granville and hearing his remarkable story of hope, healing, coherence, and courage, but I have directly experienced the depth of this man's wisdom, his intuitive insights on healing, his absolute unwavering commitment to his son, and his conviction that people need quicker, more direct, more regenerative, and more lasting healing modalities. The human system is remarkable in its capacity for resilience, self-healing, and regeneration and Jeff has uncovered keys to health and healing that the world needs to learn. For our children and for future generations, we need Jeff's work to be spread around the world."

- Bruce Cryer

Bruce Cryer

Former CEO; HeartMath Institute

Adjunct Faculty; Stanford University

President; The Graduate Institute

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"Jeff is a kind, gentle, and sincere person who possesses a deep understanding of the effects of stress and trauma on the human body. He is particularly gifted in providing science-based relief of pain, be it physical or mental, to children of all ages and their families. I find his presence to be very calming."

- Thomas Verny, MD

Thomas Verny, MD

DHL (Hon), DPsych, FRCPC, FAPA

Founder and Past President APPPAH

Author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child with John Kelly

Author of Pre-Parenting with Pamela Weintraub

Associate Editor, Journal of Pre and Peri-natal Psychology and Health (JOPPAH)

Author of The Embodied Mind (2021) Pegasus Press, New York, NY

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Marla Williams

Author of The BEING Zone;

Transformational Life, Career, and Business Coach;

Radio Host

"Many of us want to make a difference – to not just live but to live with a purpose. I have found that few are willing to make the sacrifices required and give up the relative comfort of their safe zones for the sake of making the world a better place.  Yet, for some, life circumstances propel them into this place of purpose, and they intuitively know that is their calling.   


Jeff Granville is one of those people.  Through his own gut-wrenching life story that required him to stay calm while becoming part of the team that saved his 4-year-old son's life, Jeff realized how powerful both the mind and breath are in the world of medicine.  He awakened to his soul’s purpose through this significantly life-changing experience. 


Jeff’s son Makoy was diagnosed with Leukemia. From initial scans, the doctors knew without a doubt that if they administered anesthesia, his muscles would relax, and the location of his tumors would cause his airway and heart to collapse, putting him into cardio-respiratory arrest.


The care team observed how Jeff could calm his son during fearful procedures and began formulating an idea.  In an unprecedented move, the head of surgery asked Jeff into the surgery room to do breathing and visualization with his son to conduct several procedures, including a PICC line for treatment and a spinal tap that could be life-threatening if his son moved during the process. It was Makoy’s only chance for survival.  Jeff was able to keep his son calm, still, and in coherence, as they did both procedures without anesthesia, astounding the medical team.  


Jeff dramatically changed the trajectory of his life as a result of this eye-opening experience.  He founded a non-profit called Mindful Presents that has the potential to transform the face of healthcare when it comes to natural solutions for anxiety, fear, or pain.  He gave up all he had known and followed his heart because he saw the power in what happened in the surgery room that day.   


His calling is to bring his gift of mindfulness through breathing, visualization, and heart coherence to help pediatric patients and their families have much better outcomes. He works closely with them to utilize stress-relieving therapies, which are transformative during high anxiety and stress including surgeries, treatments, and procedures.  


Jeff is a very kind, loving, mindful, and courageous game-changer for so many patients and families and is truly a gift to our world."

- Marla Williams

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