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Hiedi Lindholm Mindful Presents.JPG

Heidi Lindholm

Vice President
Spiritual Advisor, Integrative Practitioner,
and Hypnotherapist

Jeff Granville_edited.jpg

Jeff Granville

Founder and President
Somatic Trauma and Mindful Coherence Practitioner

Helen Nachintu_edited.jpg

Helen Nachintu Granville

Vice President
Holistic And Integrative Health Practitioner

Andrew Ddembe1_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Andrew Ddembe

Health Equity Advocate 
Non-Profit Board Advisor

Mercedes Lindholm_edited.jpg

Mercedes Lindholm

Vice President
Wizardry of the Arts Technologies And 
Board Advisor


Hallie Granville.JPG

Hallie Granville

Vice President
Birthing Equity And Psychology

Ilene Ruhoy.jpg

Ilene Ruhoy

Neuroscience Mentor And
Board Advisor

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